The Wayward Traveler

Our guides give you information on much more than just waterfalls.

We have found many really neat things in our travels and put down descriptions of the best ones. Of course we couldn't tell you about everything, but half the fun of exploring is finding some stuff on your own.

Inside our guides you will find 36 full color, full size pages. We give turn by turn driving directions and mileages to each waterfall. You should have no trouble finding the trailheads for every one. Then we tell you about the trail and give our ratings to the overall enjoyment of each spot. Of course some waterfalls are harder to get to than others, and we do our best to prepare you for what lays ahead. If we found the hike to be too dangerous or not worth the effort......well we just excluded it from the book.

Dave & Tammy Wolfe and of course The Poodle Merlot

We have spent the last 5 years hiking and exploring the mountains of Georgia and North Carolina to bring you these guides. Tammy and I have visited hundreds of waterfalls and driven countless miles of back roads in search of the best spots.

We are not hard core hikers. Most of the hikes and waterfalls in these books are easily accessible by most anyone. Some are roadside, many are just short 1/4 mile walks and still more are hikes of 1-3 miles. We would rather visit 3-4 different waterfalls in the same day than hiking for hours in the back woods to visit one.

Some quick notes about us

Back Roads and Waterfalls in GA & TN